[1]Portlandia is a residency in North West San Andreas - located clinging to the Angel Pine rock. Portlandia was mapped by admin and PL player "Sursai_Kosecski".

Accessibility Edit


The forest side of Portlandia - located to the left of residential Portlandia.

Portlandia can be easily accessed from air thanks to the Portlandia Airport.

As well as that, there are roads connecting PL to other offshore islands (Such as Haydens Island) and heading to the right of the island will lead you along the rock to Angel Pine. Heading to the right of the island will lead you to an architecturally interesting spiral ramp which will take up up the mountain and into LV desert near to Verdant Meadows Airport.

Housing Edit

There are different types of housing on the island, many people buy houses in the residential area for it's quietness yet it's close distance to the mainland. However, many people like to like in the forest area of the island as the houses are secluded and hidden away from the mainland, resting against the cliff behind the trees. The famous PL Player Cyanide once had an 8 slot house there once, this is what he thought of it.

"Yeah, it was brilliant. I only really moved for the slots really. I loved it - I had my own private runway, the house was very quiet, it was literally right next to a small beach where I could park my boat, just awesome. I loved Portlandia." ~Cyanide

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