Added into the server in 2013 The Lost Cargo has been a major hit with many players. The money gained from the cargo is around 100,000~(aprox) with each location having a different value.

The Lost Cargo is an item on the server that spawns at 4:00 every day. The point is to go search for this item all over San Andreas. However you will get clues to help you search. These clues can be found by typing "/lc".

Origins of the Lost Cargo Edit

Not many people know this but AaronFarley was the one who originally suggested the Lost Cargo event to be a short time event to help people become re-interested in the server again. The original locations of the lost cargo and the original locations and script of the money bag in Cops and Robbers Life was also provided by AaronFarley although never mentioned by Haydz himself.

4:00 Lost Cargo is announced, can be found anywhere in San Andreas

8:00 Announces which city the Lost Cargo is in

12:00 Announces the region of the Lost Cargo

16:00 Announces the closest player to the Lost Cargo

20:00 Announces how far away you are from the Lost Cargo

24:00 Lost Cargo despawns and prize is added to the next

Tricks And Tips Edit

  • Try to look in hard to get to locations
  • Memorize the locations of the Lost Cargo you have found
  • Lost cargo is never underwater
  • Lost cargo is never on custom islands
  • Use the hints you get with /lc