Jet Airways was an Indian airline started by Indian[RSSB] and Uday. Pedilight and Wall_E afterwards become their partners Jet Airways's hub was a base off the shore of San Andreas(near Bayside), its north of InterAir's base. The airline had 50/50 Fleet.

The airline was at 16th place out of 18th, when it got sold out. The airline was in competition with Swift Airways.

History[1] Edit

Jet Airways was formerly owned by Seboelen, TheGamer, and Thatswhatshesaid and was named Transavia Airways at that time Seboelen, TheGamer and Thatswhatshesaid was getting a bit inactive at that time, so they decided to sell Transavia Airways. Transavia Airways was then sold to Indian[RSSB] and Uday, at first they didn't want to change airline name because Seboelen asked them but people then complained that they got thousands of flights in there starting point, so they decided to change the airline. Jet Airways was the name picked by Uday and Indian

After the name change Edit

After renaming Transavia Airways to Jet Airways, they went into a good start, beating 3 airlines and leaving Jet Airways at 15th place. But their competition started to begin, first off all Swift Airways was established a few days after Jet Airways was made, they then beaten Jet Airways on the first start leaving Jet Airways in 16th place. After a few while American Airlines was established, and in a few months managed to beat JAI leaving them in 17th place.

Alliances Edit

Jet Airways was not in an alliance with another airline, although American Airlines was having interest in having an alliance with JAI, but after a story that AA staff were bribing other airline staff to join, Jet Airways refused to get in Alliance. Afterwards Jet Airways showed their interest in having an alliance with Air New Zealand but afterwards the airline got sold.

Fleet[2] Edit

Jet Airways was having 50/50 fleet when it was sold

Logo[3] Edit

Jet Airways currently uses a logo made by MattMatt(formerly known as SportivoX)

LOGO copy

Current Logo of Jet Airways

This logo made by MattMatt(formerly SportivoX) has the circular design of the logo. Like any other logo, it has the name of the airline on it. MattMatt used the original oval logo of Jet Airways and puts it in the middle of the logo. The logo features the colors of Jet Airways's fleet, dark blue, yellow and orange(currently not in the fleet because fleet color can only have 2 colors for other vehicles).

Slogans and Advertisements[4][5][6] Edit

As Transavia Airways Edit

As Transavia Airways, the airline uses the slogan The Airlines that Makes You Happy in the times of Seboelen, TheGamer, and Thatswhatshesaid.

As Jet Airways Edit

When Indian[RSSB] and Uday changed the name of the airline, the slogan was automatically set to the slogan of real life Jet Airways which is The Joy Of Flying.

Most forum/website adverts by Jet Airways was made by MattMatt (SportivoX). The first Jet Airways advertisement though was made by Uday), it was a simple advertisements that says /airlines > Jet Airways > Submit App. but after a few days MattMatt took over the advertisements and made many advertisements for JAI.

Last Days for JAI Edit

In the last days of Jet Airways, the airline was getting inactive as all the CEOs were inactive, so Uday decided to sell the airline. The airline was sold to PSG at the price of 430 Millions.

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