iFurryFoxy a.k.a Foxy, previous aliases joelcubbin, FoxythePirate and FoxytheFurry, is a Level 3 V.I.P player on the Pilot's Life server in San Andreas Multiplayer.

About iFurryFoxy Edit

iFurryFoxy spends most of his time on Pilot's Life lurking around the chat, exploring and doing Cargo Drops. He's rather open to the whole internet and not just the server, but in real life he can be very shy and sensitive. The airline he belongs to is American Airlines, in which he is an Executive and when he says "belongs", he means it. He is also a part of Search & Rescue, in which he is an Employee. iFurryFoxy's favourite aircraft is the Beagle, because he thinks it's the smoothest flying aircraft in the game and is the easiest to control. His favourite colour combination is the IDs 155 and 126 (turquoise and pink), in which he displays on every one of his vehicles, and even his callsign!

iFurryFoxy's Statistics Edit

Shamal Missions: 100

Rescue Missions: 0

Cargo Missions: 550

Heli Missions: 19

AT-400/Andromada Missions: 612

Dodo Missions: 181

Skimmer Missions: 7

Military Missions: 102

Trucking Missions: 25

Cargo Drops: 1000

Courier Missions: 53

Other Missions: 2429

Total: 5078

Miscellaneous Edit

Callsign: Gay Fox

Money: $1,336,904

Online Time: 519 Hours 21 Minutes

POTD Wins: 415

Average Satisfaction: 98%

Airline: American Airlines

Rank: Executive

Company: Search & Rescue

Rank: Employee

iFurryFoxy's Houses Edit

House 1Edit

House ID: 941

House Price: $20,000,000

Vehicle Slots: 15

House Interior: 9

House Location: At the top of the Santa Maria Pier

House 2 Edit

House ID: 882

House Price: $3,000,000

Vehicle Slots: 4

House Interior: 4

House Location: The Ganton Flats

iFurryFoxy's Vehicles Edit