Haydz the current server owner, took over ownership of the server when it was called Pilot's Heaven which was created by Chris Lambroco. During the reigh of Chris the server had a "civil war" where Haydz and Chris had a rather large argument which caused the playerbase to split in two. Many people belived Haydz had stolen the script from Chris while deleting the database. However the truth is still unknown as this happened prior to Pilot's Life.

Reknown or being "inactive" due to work people see Haydz as a very busy man. However, Haydz is known for having a life and choosing not to spend it on scripting.

General Edit

Hayden Bruin (Haydz's real name) resides in New Zealand. Haydz was actually the second user to register on the server (Jezza was the first to register before Haydz).