History Of AaronFarley

AaronFarley originally joined the server in July 2011. He found the server by allegedly finding a link from the old hoster, which at the time was SACNR (San Andreas Cops And Robber) who are also famous for developing the Sacnr Monitor and SAMP Live.

At the age of 18 AaronFarley was still classed as imature and relativly new to the world of SAMP. The first few days on the server he joined the Airline "Bee Airways" which was owned by the past admin Sambo.

After leaving Bee Air, AaronFarley helped to found and create a very well known and once #1 Airline of Pilot's Life, Big Money Airways (BMA).

During his first year at BMA he saw the original owners, iBleeder, Ozarru get banned many times which led to hom becoming the CEO of BMA with the help of a fried called Vikki and assited by the now perma-banned Pure Egyptian and Monster

Alas his time of owning BMA was short. Pure Egyptian and Monster were banned once again by the administration team for misbehaving AaronFarley got bored of dealing with the troublesome airline and abandoned it to help recreate DHL Buffalo.

AaronFarley is now the only remaining founder of Big Money Airways even though it is now owned by Nigel.

A few months of founding Buffalo AaronFarley became Junior moderator of Pilot's Life and a few years later became an Admin in 2014.

But in 2014 AaronFarley quit the administration team in protests to the Server Owner's actions and negligence to the server which has resulted in the server losing a lot of playerbase and veterans.

The Truth Behind The Dildo God.

AaronFarley was famous for his love of dildos. He was even dubbed "The Dildo God" or "The Dildo Lord" by many of his followers and is still called it today.

AaronFarley first discovered the dildo at the age of 16, when he and his now ex-girlfriend got very drunk and decided to experiment. Finding this memory rather humorous and slight erotic AaronFarley decided to use this persona ingame and got accustomed to it.

There are many rumours around the server and fanbase that AaronFarley did indeed use the dildo in his anus. But the truth is hidden behind the Administration Team.